It's my birthday, I got you a present.

A Thank You Gift

As the year is slowly unfolding and I've been planning future endeavors, one thing I've been thinking about a lot is L.A.W.L.S. and how I want to get back to it. When I got this book printed I almost immediately went on that hiatus due to personal issues and unfortunately didn't really do anything to celebrate it's release or even let people know about it. That was partly due to the fact that if I wasn't releasing new content it felt weird pushing a book that wasn't relevant.

That being said, my comics are back on track and the release of new strips from L.A.W.L.S. Volume 2 are on the horizon! I'd like to get Volume 1 in as many hands as possible before I start so you guys can all see the updated art (that unfortunately is not online) and read the little commentaries I included under all the strips to give some insight into what I was thinking while writing Volume 1.

I'm really excited to start posting Volume 2 strips (hopefully in the next few weeks) as this next part of the story explores a lot more character development and some visually interesting stuff. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy this sale! It's a big one!


About The Book

"Come along on an adventureously awkward journey with the story's main characters Joseph, Autumn, Cadence, and her pet monster Rudy, as they find themselves in the midst of a world of intrigue. While every character may have their own motivation of joining the party, one thing's for sure, they all seem to have it in for Joseph.

This comic is a mysterious romantic comedy with themes of pop culture, music, classic video games, and even a hint of magic lore. In this universe, animals can talk, whales can fly, and hats can have a deviously snarky attitude towards humans."


  • 144 pages 
  • First 197 Comic Strips
  • 4 Hatticus Comic Strips
  • Exclusive Artist Commentaries
  • Exclusive Sketches
  • Character Turnarounds
  • A funny Foreword by Scott Ferguson of Nerf This
  • 8x8inches
  • Perfect Bound
  • Full Color
  • Signed 

ARTIST EDITIONS: Specify which character you'd like sketched in the front w/ any notes to who you'd like it signed too if you'd like yours or someone else's name written at the end of check out.

HARDCOVER EDITIONS:There will only be 500 of these available ever, they will be hand numbered.