New Tattoo Print Series

I'm happy to announce this new release, the Corvink Tattoo Print Series, featuring characters from L.A.W.L.S. and ALT. This series is something that I've been pretty excited to do for a while. It's inception started back in 2010 when Cadence first appeared in a strip called Dance Til You're Dead. When considering my characters personalities I began writing tag lines that would help define who they are through out the duration of my comics, this way I could keep them more constant in my head. The following are the new prints now available in the store.

Please keep in mind that I will only be offering these prints in the 8x12 sizes for a limited time, as I will be retiring that size completely probably in the next year. I'm going to reserve that size for comic prints only. Comic prints will be available sometime later this year, I'd just like to start posting new comics before I do that. Currently I've been writing and drawing comics behind the scene in preparation to start posting again in the near future. No set date though.

Enjoy the new prints!