Newer, Darker "Save The Environment, Kill Yourself" [STEKY] Shirts!

Save the Environment, Kill Yourself! Or not... maybe wearing this shirt is a better option. I like you too much to let you go! How 'bout you just tell other people to go STEKY instead. ;]

The New Design

I'm super excited to announce that these bad boys are finally available at the Corvink site for the first time! The newly designed shirts are now in a darker "city green" color, instead of the light cactus green variety available previously.* The new design is completely printed with the discharge print process that will give you a longer lasting design (literally the design should out live the shirt) and the words "kill yourself" are even bigger! 

Story Behind the Design

A few people have asked me over the years why I made this shirt, and where the joke came from. So, I figured I may as well give a little insight at this point as to why I created it. The development of the joke derived from two different point of time, both in college.

The first point was when I was still at my community college. There was a teacher who had a sticker on his office door that said "Kill Your TV." I'm not sure why this angered me so, I mean at the time I didn't even watch TV, but the dumb angsty teenager in me got pissed and thought to myself "PSH, KILL YOURSELF." Around that time I had just started writing jokes and had started my first webcomic "Reeder Rabbit," so I held on to the thought and knew I wanted to make it a joke some how.

Moving forward to a more "mature" version of myself, a few years later at the University of Santa Cruz, California is when the second point started to develop. (Mind you, I chose to go to this school because of how much of a hippie environment it was.) I loved the idea of learning how to go green, eating healthier and bettering the world blah blah blah I really was wanna-be-hipppppiiiieee, but it got to me at some point. I would go to parties where people would endlessly discuss how to fix the environment, which would turn to a counter argument that would cause equal if not more issues based on the first case presented and the conversations would just go in circle. At some point I blurted out "JUST KILL YOURSELVES." It had dawned on me, we are the problem. No solution was better than simply removing us from the equation... before we started destroying the environment with our filth, the earth was fine. Now we have to make tvs, cars, clothing (irony), and tons of other garbage that just creates waste... and as long as we do so, we will continue to destroy the world. So, Simply put... the best way is just to kill ourselves or shut up.

All kidding beside, I do thrive to live a greener life, and urge any of you reading this to learning how to do so too. But, that doesn't make a funny joke. SO for now, get your shirt now, while this supply last. Keep in mind the 2 and 3XL sizes always go first and take me the longest to restock.  Hope you guys like this run, I'd love to keep print them. ;] 

*There are still a few small and XL's left of the old design if you'd like one (they will never be printed that way again)