Corvink Approved Propaganda [Print Series]

As Corvink has started to develop it's own overall aesthetic, some of the original prints I had drawn prior to creating Corvink began to feel a bit dated.  This got me to re-evaluate some of my work and look for overall themes and similarity with in these prints. That's when I noticed that there was a definite satirical and very propaganda-esque attitude across multiple pieces. Once I decided which were going to be a part of this series I opened all their original files and made touch ups to them. Each of them are now a bit grittier to give you a more "old-timey war" feel, no white border to make them appear more like poster pin ups you'd see around lets say a post apocalyptic town and a new "Corvink Approved" stamping on all of them. A few of these prints have been my most popular prints at conventions, and now that they have become their own line, I plan to create more over time! With the addition of a new print, "Peace Love & Fuck Haters" the following are what I now call "Corvink Approved Propaganda Prints."