Q&A: Anhedonia Blue

Didn't you have another comic that wasn't L.A.W.L.S or Words of interest?

Yes I do, Anhedonia Blue (or ABlue) is the name of my other comic. Unfortunately it is still on hiatus until further notice. The reason for this is that the story at the time was starting to require me to draw beyond my artistic skill sets… I didn’t want to try to grid thru it and make it look bad since the art and story in that comic specifically is so important to me. As L.A.W.L.S. was gaining in popularity I started to focus on that comic more because, to be completely candid with you, as much as I love doing all comics I need to focus on the project that has the highest potential to pay the bills. That doesn’t mean that I love one project more than the other or that ABlue has been completely forgotten.. When I get opportunities I still write for it and have been working out visual kinks in my head. In the time that ABlue has been on hiatus I’ve grown immensely as an artist and get more and more excited about bringing it back. I appreciate that you are still interested in the project and I promise it will return eventually. Keep following me on Twitter, Facebook, G+, or whatever you use… and I’ll keep you informed on it’s progress.